Colin Hall

I have helped many family and Not-For-Profit businesses achieve their goals over the past 20 years and since 2009 have been principal and Director of 5PConsulting. During this time I have learned that meaningful improvements are usually achieved through simple solutions. I also believe that sustainable success comes mostly from continuous small improvements and incremental change: If you’re not growing (and this means your personal knowledge and the size, profitability and cashflow from your business) you will ultimately falter in today’s fast changing world.

From a personal perspective I regularly invest in ongoing training and attend (and present at) conferences and workshops I have the following formal qualifications which help me to help my clients:

My style is relaxed and informal. I enjoy using humour to make a point but I won’t shy away from something that I think is important. I will never forget that you will be paying me to help you be successful.

If you think you or your business could be performing better, or if you want to change something but can’t seem to get the traction to achieve it, contact me to arrange a meeting or telephone call. I can guarantee that after an hour of sharing your challenges and opportunities you will:

  • Have a clearer idea of how to proceed.
  • Understand how I could help you.
  • Be confident as to whether engaging with me will be the right decision for you.
Understanding sound financial management principles is a core strength. I am able to explain these to you using everyday language.
This is globally recognised qualifitcation and follows extensive peer review supported by client refernce checks and scrutiny of engagement methodology, ethics, reports and outcomes. It proides your with assurance that you are working with a qualited and expereinced management constulant.
This has provided me with the confidence to use a wide range of tools to help you develop strategies and resolve most business problems and challenges.

I use these skills to improve your business processes and identify practical recommendations that balance risk, governance and control to improve results and outcomes.

These qualificawtions taught me basic problem soliving and analytical skills that I use everyday in business
what I do