I recently read an article about how the Managing Director of a major retail chain emphasised the link between staff dissatisfaction and success. While this man obviously knows a thing or two about business, the article, doesn’t explain the whole picture.

Success usually means be being agile and continually adapting and improving the way you do things. But change is hard and dissatisfaction can help you implement it successfully. However, you also need to temper your dissatisfaction with a Vision and a Plan. If one of these three elements is missing your chance of success is low. You need a clear vision so you know where you’re going and you need a practical plan to make sure you get there. Dissatisfaction with your current situation is the motivator that will drive you to action but by itself it may not lead to success.

Think of it in terms of a formula where your level of dissatisfaction multiplied by the clarity of your vision multiplied by the effectiveness of your plan identifies your likelihood of success. The higher each component the higher your chance of success.

If you want any strategy or change initiative to be successful you need to score highly on all three areas. If you’re not dissatisfied, and your staff don’t understand the need for change, then your ideas will probably go nowhere. Get everyone on board by creating some positive dissatisfaction …”Yes we really could do better”… and with a clear vision and a great plan you should be well on your way to success.

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