Strategy and Planning

If you don’t plan your business, your competitors, the government or someone else will do it for you. Unfortunately there are a lot of misconceptions about the benefits of developing a business plan due to over-complicated models and processes. These often result in unwieldy documents that lack clarity and are hard to communicate/understand and even more difficult to implement.

My process is rigorous but simple. It involves understanding your situation NOW clarifying WHERE you want to be and prioritising HOW you are going to get there. Your plan will be easy to understand, easy to communicate and will be developed with implementation in mind.

“Colin has challenged us in our operations, our financials and our future. He made us look deep into ourselves and our business operations.”
Gavin G – Director of a business with annual sales +$10m

“Great facilitator – style, content, pace”
NFP Board member

change and Implementation

Implementation is usually harder than planning which is why about 70% of change/implementation projects don’t achieve the desired results. However if you have a good plan you can start from a solid base and build upon it. A good plan will set you up to use rolling 90 day one-page plans that prioritise your strategies and actions in a way that will keep you focused and accountable while enabling you to remain agile.

“Colin has been a fantastic mentor and is in tune with my needs as a business owner…. I see our partnership as a real asset to the business”
Hamish N – on his coaching/implementation experience

“Really happy with Colin’s engagement & commitment. We feel he genuinely cares about our business and wants us to grow and succeed”
Brendan E on his coaching/implementation experience.

Growth and Profit

It is easy to pursue the wrong actions or the wrong sequence of implementation when pursuing growth and profit improvements.

One common mistake is attempting to increase profit through sales growth before improving operational efficiency. While both can be successful, trying to squeeze more business through inefficient processes will lead to increased stress for you, your staff and your customers. Similarly, a focus on marketing in the absence of an effective sales process can be a waste of time and money.

Another common mistake is failing to leverage your financial model. Often it is possible to make small changes in different parts of your model that can result in significant improvements in profitability.

You are in business to make money (cash) and I can help you identify and sequence and implement the most effective growth and profit strategies to achieve this in your business.

“I wish we had started this process a year ago”
Michael M – Director of business with annual sales = $5m

“We have grown so much in the last two years. Before we met you we were lost. We had no direction”
Ben F – a business owner doubling annual sales from $750K and generating strong positive cashflow