Success means different things to different people. However we often fall short of our goals and this mostly because of our own bad habits. Here is a summary of great article by Gavin Sequeira who identifies five reasons why many people fall short of their goals.

  1. Not having a vision or a plan
    Many people get stuck in the ‘doing’ because that’s what they’re good at. This comes at the expense of thinking about what you want to achieve: If you don’t think about where you want to go, you’ll probably never get there.
  2. Procrastination
    We’re all guilty of this and a good way of minimising it is to prioritise and learn to say no – to others and yourself. Get your priorities right and work through them one by one.
  3. Talking about it rather than doing it
    Action creates momentum and momentum creates energy. Stop talking about how you’re going to achieve your goals and start kicking them instead.
  4. Agreeing with the naysayers
    Your network is your ‘net-worth’ and the people you hang around with today will dictate who you will be tomorrow. Surround yourself with people who are driven, going places and into personal development.
  5. Giving up when times get tough
    Many people give up when they are on the verge of getting their breakthrough. Take the view that a black belt karate expert is just a white belt that never gave up.

And if you want to read the full article you can find it here.

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