Many of us may have spare capacity over the next couple of months. While this is clearly not ideal, it’s an opportunity for us to work on improving our businesses and ourselves. With this in mind I am offering free access to practical online business courses. You can click on this link to register but read on to learn more.


You (anyone) can take up this opportunity to register for two online business courses of your choice from a suite of 15 covering a range of important business skills.

Courses available

Here is a summary of the courses, their content and a guide as to who might find them most useful. Most of the courses can be completed in 4-6 hours and will lead to the development of your own one-page implementation plan. Note, you can register for any course(s) you wish.

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How to register

It’s simple: click on this link.

Limited time

To take advantage of these free courses you must be enrolled before April 30th 2020 and you must complete them before October 30th 2020.

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