Here are some interesting facts about hamsters.

  • They don’t live very long so they don’t need to think much about the future.
  • They don’t need any cash because someone generally feeds them and cleans their house for them and they don’t have to provide for their families.
  • They have no desire to own a nice house, car or boat and never want to go on holiday because, well, they get their kicks from running round and round and getting absolutely nowhere and,
  • None of them have ever owned or managed a business.

So, if your business makes you feel like a Hamster it could be time to jump off that wheel and think about it in a different way. Here are three questions you can ask yourself to get started:

  1. What’s happening in my business NOW? (Whats working, what isn’t?)
  2. WHERE would I like it to be in….. (you choose your horizon)?
  3. HOW can I get it there?

If you follow the four steps in this Free Guide, From Good to Great to Awesome, you will be able to answer these questions, get clarity about where you want to be and work out how you could get there. The process is simple but it will work for any business, regardless of size or sector and the results will reflect the rigour with which you apply it. If you follow the process diligently it will take you about two hours.

Two hours isn’t much. It’s about 8% of one day, 1% of one week, 0.3% of one month or 0.003% of one year.

That’s your investment in time. Your investment in cash is $Nil.

Think about it. An investment 0.003% of your time this year could mean that instead of continuing to work for your business, you could start getting your business to work for you.

Hamsters are cute and furry but you’ve got a business to run and a future to think about. Download your copy of “FROM GOOD TO GREAT TO AWESOME”  now. https://bit.ly/3iBSmZk

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